1. How do I book a limo?

Call us and make a deposit with any major credit card.  The deposit amount is credited to the total.

2. How are your rates set?

A number of variables determine the rate.  The key variables are type of vehicle, pick-up location, number of hours needed and the
day you require service.  A pick-up out of town will be more than an in city pick-up due to travel time.  A weekend or holiday may
cost more than a weekday.

3. How do I get an estimate?

Contact us either by phone or email with your special event information.  This information includes knowing the number of
passengers, the start and end points of your trip, and the type of event.  You might want to have a credit card available to place a
deposit on a vehicle.  Remember, vehicles are booked on a first come - first served basis.  Reservations are constantly being
accepted, which means availability can change quickly.

4. Is my credit card charged the full amount before the run?

Normally, the remaining balance will be charged to your credit card after your booking or pay the balance in cash at the first pick-
up location.

5. What if I want to change my pick-up location or destination?

If you have booked your limousine for a point-to-point transfer, the price may change, depending on the distance traveled.  If you
booked the vehicle for a number of hours, you can go anywhere you want.  If you are not sure where you will be going, simply let
us know you this will be determined at the first pick-up location when asked where you will be going.

6. Is there a minimum number of hours?

Yes.  For weekends, holidays and special occasions, there is a 4 hour minimum.  Weekdays have a 2 hour minimum.

7. Do I get my deposit back if I change my mind?

No.  Deposits are not refundable.  Cancellations made less than four hours before the reservation are also not refundable.

8. What if I book a reservation and want to make changes?

Easy.  Just call us back.  We prefer any changes to be made through phone calls so we can make sure we understand and can
make available your new requests.  Again, there may be an added cost depending on the type of changes.

9. What if I decide during the rental that I want to extend the duration of the rental?

Let your driver know as soon as possible.  If the driver does not have a booking immediately after your reservation, it should be
possible to extend the booking.

10. Are Limo 2000’s rates competitive?

Yes, our rates are very competitive and represent excellent value when you consider the quality of our services.  Beware of low-
priced limo companies that may not be properly licensed or insured and may employ unqualified or even unlicensed drivers.

11. Are there regulations that apply to the limousine industry?

Yes. Limo 2000 meets all regulatory and insurance requirements to operate in Texas

12. How long has Limo 2000 been in business?

We have been a trusted supplier of professional ground transportation since 2000.  Call us for a basic limo rental, airport shuttle,
ground transportation to a special event, a luxury limousine or any other limo service in the Dallas - Ft.Worth area.

13. Are Limo 2000’s vehicles cleaned and inspected before every limo booking?

Yes.  Although this is not a common practice with many limo operators, we insist every one of our vehicles is cleaned and
inspected before every booking.

14. Does Limo 2000 offer consumer packages with special rates and extra amenities?

Yes. We have great packages for weddings, proms and special events. Please call for rates.
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